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Do Spine Tattoos Hurt?

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Do Spine Tattoos Hurt?

Unfortunately, the back is often considered one of the most painful spots on the human body to get a spine tattoo due to two important factors.

  • There are many nerve endings located within the spinal column.
  • There is a large quantity of bones and delicate skin in the area.

The spinal cord is responsible for connecting the brain to the rest of the body and is made up of a network of nerves. During a tattoo procedure, there is a possibility for the needle to touch certain nerves, which can result in the generation of pain signals. It is interesting to observe that the pain may not necessarily be felt directly at the point where the needle makes contact. Instead, you may experience a unique sensation similar to a buzzing feeling in different parts of your body, especially along your arms.

Getting a spinal tattoo on bony surfaces, especially where the skin is thin, typically causes discomfort. The spine is composed of bones and skin that are delicate and fragile. The lower section of the spine is considered to be highly responsive among the various regions.


What Does Spine Tattoo Pain Feel Like?

Individual experiences with tattoo pain can differ, but it is commonly observed that individuals who opt for spine tattoos often have similar reactions in terms of the levels of pain experienced.

Stinging Pain

Tattoo-induced discomfort, especially during spine tattooing, is commonly described as the primary cause of pain. This sensation involves multiple needle pricks, similar to being sewn, followed by a stinging feeling similar to a bee’s sting.

Generally, the discomfort usually goes away after your tattoo session, although it may persist during the early stages of the healing process.

Burning Pain

Many people experience a sensation of heat when getting a tattoo. Although spine tattoos don’t tend to have a burning sensation, there is still a possibility of discomfort in the lower back area. The tattoo needle causes a wound by scraping the top layer of your skin during the process of getting a spinal tattoo. Some people describe the sensation as a painful sunburn that is difficult to find relief from during the tattooing process.

The burn from the tattoo may last for 1-2 days after the process is done.

Scratching Pain

The common sensation of a cat’s nails scratching against your skin is often experienced during tattoo sessions when coloring or shading. This is due to the usage of square-shaped, multiple-needle heads. However, if simple designs or single needles are used, the scratching pain is less likely to be felt.

Dull or Mild Pain

Experienced tattoo artists have differing opinions on the level of discomfort when getting a tattoo on the spine. However, many individuals report that outside of those specific areas, the experienced pain is minimal or pleasantly reduced. Following distractions can make the discomfort almost unnoticeable. This perception depends on an individual pain tolerance and their personal attitude towards painful or annoying sensations.

What should you do or not do to reduce the pain?

To alleviate discomfort, it is recommended to find a suitable activity to distract yourself, which should be your main focus. This could involve talking to someone, playing a video game or reading a book if you enjoy that, or watching a movie if you like cinema. The key to providing effective distraction is to redirect your attention elsewhere.

  • If you have alcohol dependency, it is best to refrain from scheduling a tattoo appointment with your tattoo artist. Additionally, quitting smoking is recommended to improve your physical appearance.
  • Seek medical advice before taking any medications.
  • Just remember, it’s entirely up to you and your body. Don’t force yourself to endure any discomfort. Feel free to take as much time off as needed during the tattooing process.

Getting a spine tattoo is far from a casual undertaking. It requires careful consideration and a deep understanding of your own body’s limits. If you do not have experience in tattooing, this endeavor may not be suitable for you.

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