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Does Shea Butter Go Bad?

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Does Shea Butter Go Bad?

Yes, shea butter has an expiration period of 24 months to 37 months.

Raw shea butter may not have the shelf life of its refined counterpart, but hey, who needs a long shelf life when you can have all the natural goodness. Plus, with raw shea butter, you avoid those unnecessary additives that might turn your skin into a science experiment.

The process of bleaching refined shea butter has negative effects as it removes all the beneficial elements present in this natural product. While unrefined shea butter maintains its effective moisturizing properties and contains essential vitamins while remaining completely safe for your skin.

5 Signs of Shea Butter Going Bad

When you treat shea butter like royalty and store it right, this natural wonder can last a long time, lasting for years without spoiling. However, like all natural products, shea butter is subject to degradation over time. So, you think your shea butter might be past its prime, huh? Keep an eye out for some red flags: funky smell, weird texture, or if it suddenly develops a personality and starts talking back to you. It might be time to say goodbye to your sassy shea butter.

Please be aware of the following indicators to help determine if your shea butter has deteriorated or is experiencing spoilage.

1.) Rancid Smell

If your shea butter starts smelling like old gym socks, it’s probably time to say your goodbyes and toss it out. The natural scent of fresh shea butter is reminiscent of nuts and earth, but it may become sour and unpleasant when it goes bad. It is recommended to dispose of shea butter that has an unpleasant odor.

2.) Changes in Color

Shea butter may change color over time, especially when exposed to light or heat. Fresh shea butter starts off with an ivory or pale yellow color, but as it ages, it can become darker or even brown. Therefore, a significant change in color could suggest potential spoilage of the shea butter.

3.) Grainy Texture

When shea butter is fresh, it should have a smooth and thick texture. However, if it has been stored for a long time or exposed to high temperatures, it may change into a lumpy or clumpy texture. If your shea butter feels granular or has an irregular texture, it is likely that it has deteriorated.

4.) Mold or Mildew

looks like your shea butter thinks it’s a scientist trying to conduct some moldy experiments! Keep that butter away from moisture unless you want a science fair project growing in your skincare routine! Mold appears as dark or green spots on the surface of shea butter, while mildew causes a fuzzy growth. If either mold or mildew is present, it is recommended to dispose of the shea butter immediately.

5.) Smokey Smell

Exposure to heat or smoke can cause shea butter to develop a smoky scent. This unfavorable outcome often occurs when shea butter is stored near a stove or fireplace. If shea butter has a smoky odor, it indicates that it has deteriorated.

When identifying spoilt shea butter, it is important to look out for various indicators. These indicators consist of an unpleasant odor, changes in color, a gritty texture, the existence of mold or mildew, and a distinct smokey smell. If any of these warnings appear, it is recommended to immediately dispose of the shea butter and obtain a new batch.

How To Make It Last Longer?

Did you know that shea butter is like the Energizer Bunny of skincare products? It just keeps going and going, even after its expiration date! As long as it doesn’t look funky or smell weird, it’s good to keep slathering on. Want to make your shea butter last even longer? Here are some tips to help you out:

1. To maintain the shelf life of the product, it is important to make sure your hands are clean before touching the butter. By doing so, you can effectively stop the spread of microorganisms.

2. Storing shea butter in a cool or refrigerated place is essential for extending its lifespan and preserving its quality. Heat, humidity, and exposure to sunlight can cause the butter to melt, oxidize, and lose its beneficial properties. To prevent this, it is crucial to store shea butter in a cool place, such as a dark pantry, cupboard, or even the refrigerator.

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