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How To Take Care Of Curly Hair

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Take Care Of Curly Hair

Curls are God’s gift as you don’t need to go to the salon to get curly hair temporarily but sometimes this blessing looks a bane when this hair doesn’t support your looks and is always prone to damage and dryness if not given the proper care. But if you know that adding some simple habits to your daily routine can make your curly hair look great then you’ll never curse them. So, why waste time and know some important tips that you can use in your daily hair care routine to shine your curls? Follow these tips to take care of curly hair:

1. Shampoo Wisely

Many people think that shampooing their hair now and then is a good choice to get rid of everyday dirt and damage but they don’t know that excessive use of shampoo can dry up their hair and stop sebum production especially when they have curly hairs.

Therefore avoid using shampoo on your hair every day or very often. Further, you should use organic shampoo which doesn’t include any chemical content like paraben, sulfates, etc in it. This will be good for not you only but also for the environment as well.

2. Avoid Shampooing Daily

Curly hair is very prone to dryness thus shampooing them now and then can halt the natural oils on the scalp and thus make them drier. Therefore avoid shampooing very often and also use such shampoo, conditioner, and hair masks which can be known for locking moisture in hair thus protecting them from the harsh impact of the environment.

3. Pre-Shampoo Treatment

Shampooing curly hair directly isn’t a good choice for their welfare. Wondering what could be the alternative then? Pre-shampoo treatment. Yes, pre-shampoo treatment is a boon to this problem as it aids in frizz removal and detangles the hair well.

If any of you don’t know what pre-shampoo treatment is then it is applying some conditioning oil or a moisturizing hair mask to the hair for 20-30 minutes. To gain the maximum benefit of this you must put a towel or a shower cap on your hair so that hair gets enough heat and can open the cuticle to provide moisture to hair and scalp naturally.

4. Never Comb Wet Hair

Brushing wet hairs can damage or break them because of the water resistance, so what to do then? You can detangle your hair with a wide-toothed brush or comb instead of the narrow one right before going to wash them. Apply the shampoo on hair in such a way that they don’t get tangled again so much and can be easily brushed by just running the fingers down through them. This might seem hectic work to you but believe it or not it’s going to prove as a wonder for your hair. You’ll notice that your hair has started to fall less after shampooing.

5. Avoid Heat On Hair

As you know that there is already less moisture in curly hairs therefore using heat for styling them can further deteriorate their condition and make them rough, lifeless, and dull. So the solution for this problem is that before straightening them or using any heat appliance on hair for styling you don’t forget to spray any heat or damage protectant spray. But it is always better to avoid heat styling or if necessary then make sure it is moderately applied.

5. How To Comb Hair

People often detangle or brush their hair upside down which is the wrong technique, especially for those with curly and wavy hair. Brushing hair upside down creates knots at the hair ends which when detangled breaks the hair from that point thus making them weak. Therefore the way is to hold a single section of hair from the top with one hand and then open the knots or detangle the hair from the downside. This avoids the pulling of hair from their roots and thus lets them stabilize while brushing.

7. Use Cold Water For Shampooing

It doesn’t matter whether you are rinsing your hair for applying a mask, conditioning, or shampooing them, hot water is never suggested to be used on hair in any condition because of many reasons among which drying up the scalp and causing dandruff are the main ones. Whether it is cold outside or not, always ensure that you wash or rinse your hair with cold water as it gently cleanses the scalp and also doesn’t open the hair cuticles when not needed.

8. Routine Trimming

Taking care of curly hairs is not all about how you care for or maintain them but also how you represent them. Trimming your hair to get rid of the damaged hair and split ends every 6-7 weeks is a very good step. It ensures that your hair looks and feels healthy. Further, if you are comfortable with tying your hair then what else could be best? Whenever it is not necessary to open your hair try tying them, this will avoid the creation of knots that often get created at the hair ends because of always keeping them open and letting air pass from them and creating friction there.

9. Sleep Routine

Hair care ends with the day as you need to care for them while sleeping. But how ? Just with two steps – changing your pillow covers from cotton ones to silk or satin ones and next by not sleeping with open hair. 

Cotton pillow create friction between your hair and them making them weak and breakable so whenever you come to your hair after sleeping on cotton pillows more hair will come to your hands or fall on the floor. Therefore not only changing the pillow cover but also tying a hair bun before sleeping will keep the hair in one place thus avoiding them getting tangled with each other due to friction created by the pillow.

So, these are some simple but important steps that you can take to take care of your curly hair. These are not going to take much of your time but just some attention and carefulness. Hope you are ready now to start your hair care from today onwards!

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