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How to Take Care of Wavy Hair

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Take Care of Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is attractive. In fact, many people prefer wavy or curly hair to straight hair. But anyone with naturally wavy hair will tell you that maintaining the soft curls and avoiding frizz takes a lot of work.

The hair care products you use, and the way you – wash, style, and protect your wavy hair make a difference in keeping it in perfect shape and shine.

If you are interested in learning how to take care of wavy hair, this post will steer you in the right direction.

We will share some practical tips and techniques to help you achieve the healthy, luxurious wavy hair that makes your friends and colleagues feel jealous. 😎

Hot vs. Warm vs. Cold water – Which Is better for Cleansing Wavy Hair?

Hot water is not ideal for your hair cleansing needs. High temperatures can strip the hair of its important oils, making it annoyingly dry or brittle.

It is best to stick to warm and cold water. But you must understand warm or cold water can be beneficial to your hair, depending on when you use it.

In line with that, you should use warm water in the initial stages of washing your hair. That is because it helps dissolve the dirt and grime buildup in the hair. Warm water also facilitates the opening up of cuticles and pores on your scalp.

For the best wavy hair care, do not rinse out the conditioner with warm water. Otherwise, it might cause frizz🙎‍♀️.

For the rinsing part, consider cold water. It closes the cuticles and pores. Cold water also seals the moisture from your shampoo and conditioners.

Drying wavy hair nicely

You may want to avoid hairdryers, as the heat they generate can contribute to poofy waves. Let your freshly washed hair to air dry if you are not in any hurry or not interested in additional volume.

If you cannot do without a hairdryer, it is recommended to use a diffuser to maintain natural wave pattern. Diffusers are attached to the dryer to spread and control the airstream more evenly over your hair.

Use the right shampoo and conditioner for wavy hair

Accustoming your wavy hair to shampoo is one way to perfect your hair care routine. However, don’t just go for any shampoo you find on the market. All shampoos contain a detergent, but the surfactants or ingredients vary.

You will want to purchase a product designed for wavy to curly hair. Such a shampoo is packed with the ingredients to care for your specific hair type. If your wavy hair is prone to frizz, consider looking for a sulfate-free shampoo.

Your wavy hair needs conditioning every time you wash it. Like shampoo, you also need a conditioner suitable for your particular hair.

Conditioning products contain hydrating oils, proteins, and botanical extracts. The composition of the ingredients also varies, and this can affect how well the product helps keep hair soft, shiny, and smooth.

Some beauty supply stores usually have shampoos and conditioners that go together. But you can always obtain the wavy hair conditioner separately. Please note that curly hair conditioners can also work for your wavy hair.

Protecting hair while sleeping

As you toss and turn in bed, it is easy for your hair to get messed up and lead to tangles and frizz. One of the proven ways to avoid this is to put your hair in four twisted buns before going to bed. Besides sleeping in loose buns, it is also advisable to use a pillowcase with silk or satin fibers. With such, you can minimize the friction on your hair, helping you maintain the curls.

Embrace finger combing or detangling

Combs and brushes can be too harsh on your wavy hair. This is especially true when you use them too soon in the hair styling process.

Unlike these hair tools, fingers allow you to feel what is happening to your hair. You can feel the tangles early enough and avoid pulling on the hair strands, reducing the chances of snapping and breakage.

After finger detangling, you can use a wide-tooth comb to fix any remaining knots in your hair. When combing hair, you should avoid starting at the roots even if you are sure no strands are intertwined. Instead, begin at the ends and work your way up to the roots.

Use heat styling tools cautiously

Wavy hair is naturally drier than straight hair. Subjecting it to heat contributes to the increased risk of dryness and damage.

If you must use flat irons, straighteners, curling irons, or similar hair styling tools, apply a heat protectant product and adjust the heat to the lowest setting.

Add deep conditioning

A deep conditioner can provide wavy hair with sufficient moisture. Also, it can help protect hair against pollutants and the UV rays that cause changes in shine and color.

A deep conditioner keeps your hair moisturized longer than a regular conditioner. Ideally, you should deep condition wavy hair once a week. Another thing worth highlighting is that deep conditioning can help repair hair damage.

Don’t compromise your hair strength

Even though it is imperative to keep your wavy hair hydrated, you do not want to get overboard with moisturizing. Over-moisturized hair is as bad as dry hair.

Taking care of your wavy hair is about striving for a balance between moisture and strength. Your hair needs a sufficient supply of silk protein to maintain its structure and strength. Therefore, be sure to find products with this vital ingredient.

Go easy on chemical treatments

Chemical treatments like hair relaxing and dying can deliver amazing results. On the flip slide, they can make styling your hair challenging and damage it in the long run.

When damage catches up to you, you might find it hard to recover. Of course, the market has organic formulas. However, they are not completely free of chemicals, especially when they become heated. The all-natural options keep your risk exposure low, though.

There you have it!

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