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How to use body butter

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We solute you for taking time to learn how to use body butter. Body butters are a skincare product crafted using botanical extractions from nuts and seeds. These fatty acid rich, thick moisturizer act similarly to lotion in that they retain your skin’s softness and moisture, giving them a different, solid texture than traditional lotions. Body butters may be intimidating to use in the beginning, but they are simple to apply as a moisturizer after bathing or before bedtime to give your skin a luxurious feel. Additionally, they can be used for more intense treatments of hands and feet, as well as to soothe irritated skin.

Where and when to use body butter

Be sure to give your elbows, knees, hands and feet some extra care when applying body butter. These areas are more prone to dryness, so slathering a nice layer of body butter on them can really help nurture them.

For best results, massage a generous amount of body butter into your skin using firm, broad strokes until fully absorbed. If you need extra hydration throughout the day, you can always apply another layer. Try to avoid using too many product at once.

It is possible to apply body butter at any time throughout the day or night. However, for the best results in locking in moisture, it’s best to use body butter after a nice shower.

Apply this product after your special shower time to help lock in moisture. The body butter can be used throughout the day, but applying it immediately after a shower will allow for the greatest hydration benefits. This is because the body butter will help to seal in moisture that is still present on the skin.

  • A warm shower is the recommended choice for maintaining moisture in your skin, as it can warm up the body without causing dryness. However, hot water should be avoided as it can have a negative effects on the skin.
  • Pat dry the skin with a towel. It is important to remove most of the water from the skin before applying body butter. If there is an excess amount of water on the skin, it will be difficult to evenly spread the body butter as it will react with the water.

Apply it to your body before bed for an intensely moisturizing experience. When applying body butter, sleeping with it on the skin allows for a longer period of absorption. Additionally, the warmth provided by blankets enhances the treatment for an even more intensive effect.

If you have dry skin, you may consider incorporating a daily moisturizing regimen into your skincare routine. For those with normal or oily skin, an intensive moisture treatment may be beneficial on a weekly basis or as needed.

Don’t apply it on your face

You might have read articles on the internet saying it’s ok, but we highly recommend you NOT to apply it on your face! All butters are different and are not intended to be used on the face.

The skin on your elbows is not the same as the skin on your beautiful cheeks (face cheeks, don’t get it twisted), so it’s best to use each moisturizer appropriately.

I get it, you want an all-in-one moisturizer that you can use everywhere, but using face creams that are meant for the face are way better. Yea, they may be pricey but they do have higher-quality ingredients that don’t irritate your eyes and clog your pores.


Extra Buttery Tips

  • No hot showers: When taking a shower, make you use warm water and NOT hot water to avoid drying out your skin. Then moisturize your body with hydrating body butter afterwards to keep it hydrated.
  • Don’t overdo it: Take it easy when applying body butter — too much can leave your skin feeling greasy.
  • Clean before you cream: If you’ve active and getting dirty, it’s best to wash up before you start to lather your skin with body butter. It’s best to take a shower and wash off any dirtiness you might have picked up
  • Keep away from teenagers: There are no negative effects from the use of body butter at any age, but male teenagers are more hormonally inclined to aggressively use this moisturizer. Once they have discovered the overwhelming power of body butter, they won’t go back to lotion.

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